“We Trade with Trust”


We have been entirely supplying the major rain guttering contractors of the market since 2015 with all the needed materials such as aluminium colour coated coils with high quality weather resistant colours for production of 5’ & 6’ gutters – downspouts – soffits, aluminium accessories, screws and the appropriate high quality ZETTEX polymer sealants at required colours. The appropriate guttering system minimizing the maintenance cost of houses by directing the rainwater away from external walls and foundation preventing mold, mildew, and other water damages.

  • Colored Aluminium Coils (for Gutters & Downspouts & Soffits)
  • Box & Bay Mitre / Elbows / End Caps / Brackets / Round Outlets / Pipe Straps / J-Trims / Soffit Panels
  • Self Drilling Screws
  • Touch-up Spray Paints
  • Polymer Sealants
  • Other Accessories