“We Trade with Trust”


AP TRUST TRADING LTD is a well-known and trustful importer, agent and wholesaler of products and materials for several sectors and industries in the market of Cyprus.
Having a grave experience of more than four decades in the sectors of Imports, Shipping, Logistics and Customs Clearing Forwarding, the AP TRUST TRADING LTD achieves to supply its Customers; small, middle and huge Organizations with high quality products and materials in reasonable prices complying with the strict European harmonized standards with an after- sales comprehensive support.
In the group of AP TRUST TRADING LTD is belonged the subsidiary LADYLIKE CLOTHING BOUTIQUE which operates in the sector of women clothing as wholesaler and retailer of Greek and Italian clothing brands. Characterized by a wise and strong management qualified at its sector, the Company has as primary goal the satisfaction of its Customers through actions, creating a relationship of TRUST, while the priorities are triple:
1. “To treat our Customers with respect and confidentiality at all times”
2. “To provide high quality products and materials”
3. “To provide reliable, cost-efficient products tailored to their needs”
AP TRUST TRADING LTD is an active member of CYPRUS – CHINA Business Association.


Our long experience on the supply of tyre workshops in the market, has led us to manage to provide Customers with all the required sizes of all tyre sectors including O-Rings, aluminium & steel wheels, tyre valves & weights and pneumatic hydraulic jacks at the most competitive prices of the local market complying with the European...

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To equip the trailer fleet with high quality spare parts, sometimes is regarded as minor subject in the mind of truck – trailer operators since they are struggling to minimise their operating costs using second quality spare parts; resulting more frequent maintenance and additional cost. Realising this mind-set, our Company has managed...

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The AP TRUST TRADING LTD supplies the local leading manufacturers of solar water heaters, copper cylinders and solar collectors with high quality materials according to the European standards in significant quantities in the most competitive prices, developing a relationship of trust and mutual...

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The AP TRUST TRADING LTD has as main advantage in the market the experience to supply its Customers with custom-made machineries based on their factory production lines. Each project for custom-made machineries requires technical skills, sufficient monitoring and understanding the required function, technical specs and the purpose for the end product...

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We have been entirely supplying the major rain guttering contractors of the market since 2015 with all the needed materials such as aluminium colour coated coils with high quality weather resistant colours for production of 5’ & 6’ gutters – downspouts - soffits, aluminium accessories, screws and the appropriate high quality ZETTEX polymer sealants at required colours...

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Our PVC guttering systems are being supplied in four main colours white, brown, ivory and grey. Having realised that the boiled summers in Cyprus last around 300-340 days a year with 5 – 6 hrs in daily basis; affecting negatively and discolours all the exposed plastic/pvc items (including the PVC gutters) to the sunlight. Our Company has managed to resolve the issue...

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Taking into consideration the extreme boiled sunny days of Cyprus, the AP TRUST TRADING LTD has achieved to supply its Customers which are processing factories with a wide range of options on the materials such as Painted Hot-Dipped Zinc (Z) Galvanized Steel Coils, Painted Hot-Dipped Alu-Zinc (AZ) Gavlalume Steel Coils, Galvanized Steel Coils & Sheets..

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The AP TRUST TRADING LTD supplies some very consuming high quality products of the Carpentry industry such as Cabinet Hinges Soft Close, Undermount Drawer Slides Mechanism, Screws and ZETTEX Polymer Sealants. The high quality products along with the very completive prices have led our Customers to purchase large quantities, thus minimizing their...

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Our Company is the nominated distributor of the European leading manufacturer of sealants, adhesives and industrial aerosols “ZETTEX” in the market of Cyprus. Its product range contains polymers, silicones, PU sealants and adhesives, PU foams, fire resistant sealants, acrylics, technical aerosols, wood adhesives, contact adhesives, pressurized canisters and..

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